Friday, September 28, 2012

The Milgram Experiment (repost)

I accidentally deleted the Milgram Experiment post as I was going through drafts. Here it is again.

The one thing that is telling about this Daily Mail article is that the protestor did not seem to be rolled over by a member of the Chinese military or police. This incident just proves the accuracy of the famous Stanford Milgram Experiment, which showed that many people will torture and kill another simply by being told to do so.

Chinese protester opposing government takeover of village land 'is crushed to death by state-controlled road-flattening truck'

  • Protester He Zhu Hua, appears to be crushed in shocking images
  • He opposed being moved after government tried to claim land for commercial use
  • Reports claim government then tried to hide body and sent security to quell anger from residents
By Chris Parsons

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