Monday, November 26, 2012

Democrats and Big Oil team up to tax you

Go onto any left-wing forum/blog/website and you will see at least one post accusing big business being in bed with those eeevil greedy conservatives. Go to any conservative forum/blog/website and you will see writing that assumes that all companies will suffer from regulation and taxation. The reality is much different. Small business will suffer for sure, and so will any business without connection to the government. Those in bed with the politicians will either get special favors, opt-out waivers (as certain medical companies and unions are getting waivers from Obamacare), or will simply pass the burden onto the competition (and the consumer), as Exxon and certain other energy companies in bed with the government will do with carbon taxes.

The government does not <i>need</i> to nationalize any privately held company. The union of government and cronyism (better known as Fascism) will ensure that no one among the serfs is independently wealthy, while maintaining the illusion that economic freedom still exists.

Boycott those in bed with the government (and Big Unionism). Support the honest business when possible.

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