Friday, November 16, 2012


I have been watching this whole debacle over the attack on the Behnghazi consulate and the common thread seems to be that it was involved in weapons smuggling to the Muslim Brotherhood fighters in Syria. Remember it was the Muslim Brotherhood who took over Egypt, Tunisia and Libya with US funding, and military support in the case of the latter.

Over the past few days, Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood launched rockets into Israel, reaching as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for the first time. They even managed to shoot down an Israeli F-16.

What if the administration is covering up the facts behind the Benghazi attack to conceal the fact that Hamas may have been among the recipients of Gadaffi's weapons? Remember that several thousand anti-aircraft missiles were among the weapons seized by the US's new allies.

It goes to show that the US shouldn't have even been involved in the middle east conflict in the first place, much less play both sides. Eventually the Muslim Brotherhood will bite the hand that feeds it, possibly with Assad's and Quadaffi's WMDs.

In addition, the US government removed from the terrorism watch list a Chicagoan who assisted Hamas. If nothing else it shows that the administration is more sympathetic to Hamas than it would normally let on.

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