Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Debate

There is a lot of enthusiasm in mainstream conservative circles over how Mitt Romney beat Obama, but the fact is, Obama didn't need to win the debate. Not with the support of the 51% who do not pay taxes. The sad fact is that the majority of people think the solution to the failure of socialism is <i>more socialism</i>, as evidenced by the impoverished European countries electing ever more radical leftists to rob ever more money from ever fewer producers (for example, France's new government has enacted into law a 75% income tax rate on its top income bracket).

In the event that the class warfare card fails, Obama and his handlers (Valerie Jarret, etc) have the foreign warfare card (wag the dog), with three possible wars to play: Iran, attacking the Libyan militia that was previously allowed to attack the Benghazi embassy and backing Japan against China over the Senkaku Islands. Considering that attacking Iran will start a regional conflagration and result in severe economic upheavel, and considering that a war with China would have the possibility of going nuclear, the administration will probably attack the Libyan militia. Then again, the civil unrest created by the economic repercussions of a regional war could be beneficial to the powers that be, yet another crisis not to be wasted.

Ultimately, the election won't matter much, if you look at Romney's record in Massachusetts, or the voting record of the Republican-owned House. We will still have 16 trillion dollars of debt, a fiat currency being printed to infinity, and outside enemies whose actions are beneficial to the powers that be (case in point, how the Libyan Embassy attack was used as propaganda against free speech).