Thursday, January 17, 2013


The school that turns out the US military's officers has released a report stating that all conservatives are racists and potential terrorists and even makes the bogus claim that conservatives have launched 350 attacks in 2011 (really? the left leaning media would have been all over that if it really happened).

Last year, the Small Wars Journal published a scenario written by former officer Kevin Benson that depicts the Tea Party as a group of usurpers who overthrow a local government, provoking a military response.

While conservatives in general are being blamed for treason, it is being committed every day by "leaders" who break their oath. The same "leaders" an ever growing segment of the officer corps will follow, thanks to this corrosive propaganda.

Update: not only are patriots being targeted, anything that portrays Islam in a negative light is being scrubbed and any officer with a negative opinion of Islam is being fired.


  1. You forgot another recent incident in your list -

    Matt is a classmate of mine from School. This has become rampant in the military.

    1. Thanks. The US has gone from fighting al queda's aim of building a caliphate to helping al queda build a caliphate. For what reason I do not know but both the left and Islam have a common enemy in individualism, national sovereignty and the free market. It is only natural they purge the officer corps of conservatives and libertarians.

  2. To those who are being fired: welcome back to the Militia. Now you can serve your country instead of your government.