Thursday, February 7, 2013

Projectionist Nazis

When the left runs out of facts they always play either the Nazi or Waaaaccccciiiiissst Card (same difference really).

The left's exploitation of Sandy Hook to push gun control failed spectacularly with non-urban Sherrifs and even the Green Berets coming out in support of the 2nd Amendment, and massive defiance of Andrew Cuomo's gun law.

Now they are claiming that gun owners are Nazis who support Hitler. Well for a historical refreser, the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany had strict gun control laws and yet neither prevented the pitched gun battles between Nazis, Communists and other extremist groups that all vied for power before the Nazis finally gained full control. Guns would have saved the Jews from the Holocaust.

All of this is projectionism from the left. Indeed, a policeman from the LAPD went rogue and shot innocent people after posting a memo calling for gun control (credit to PJ Media).

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