Thursday, April 11, 2013


Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where the abuser convinces people to question their own beliefs or sanity. Blue's blog explains in more detail. I am simply putting into perspective by citing examples.

Obama says "weapons designed for theaters of war don't belong on our streets," while being protected by a civilian agency armed with FN P90s, backed up by SUVs armed with retractable gatling guns. The Whitehouse itself is protected by ground launched versions of the AIM-120 AMRAAM anti-aircraft missile and is surrounded by combat air patrols of F22s.

Joe Biden tells people that all that is needed for self defense is a shotgun, while Diane Feinstein claimed that 30 round magazines are not essential, while under the protection of Capitol Police armed with HK G36s.

All of the above in a city whose gun ban has resulted in one of the highest murder rates in the nation.

Joe Biden accused gun owners of being tinfoil hat wearers by calling them the "Black Helicopter Crowd," and further applying the Gaslighting technique by saying sarcastically that "Special Forces Folks are gonna swoop down on America and gather up everyone's guns." The day before this, New York began confiscations of guns from people who were on anti-depressant medications. Let's not forget that soldiers followed illegal orders in 2005 when they confiscated guns from New Orleans residents. During the siege on Waco, the FBI and ATF was equipped and supported by the military.

Every genocide in history was preceded by registration of firearms. People were always told it would reduce crime. The best way to counter gaslighting is to question the gaslighter relentlessly. When they tell you it is to reduce crime, ask them how is it that mass murders always occur in gun free zones. If they claim that you are wrong then force them to back their own propaganda up with hard data. When they inevitably change the subject, keep the pressure up. When they call you a tinfoiler or racist or backwards, ignore the accusations and keep on the offense: never fall into the trap of getting defensive, for that is their counter-attack that allows them to regain control.

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