Thursday, April 18, 2013

Psychological Warfare

The left is winning without a shot being fired because they are very good at using psychological manipulation to control how people think. You can read an article on the methods here. Below are their favored methods with prominent examples so you can recognize the signs. (Update: added Minimalization). Feel free to copy the whole post to your own blog or forum. The more people who get educated, the better.

Gaslighting: a form of psychological abuse used to get the victim to question their own perception, beliefs or sanity. When they claim they support the 2nd Amendment while New York police are confiscating guns from people on anti-depressants, or when they call gun owners the "black helicopter crowd" while voting on a national registry, that is gaslighting.

Projection: scapegoating the victim for the actions of the abuser. They accuse constitutionalists of being anti-government when they undermine the existing multi-branch government with unaccountable, unelected "Tsars" and non-congressional committees (the health exchanges with their death panels).

Rationalization: what many people call "spin." Justifying their actions, either falsely or by throwing in a dash of Negative Reinforcement ("It's for the children").

Misdirection: Changing the subject. This one is notoriously effective when they use Shaming ("you're a racist!" "you're a tinfoiler!") or Guilt-Tripping ("you love your guns more than our children") to throw their intended victims on the defensive to regain control of the narrative.

Positive Reinforcement: Superficial Sympathy. Seen a few times when Obama showed his crocodile tears. Also famously played by Franklin Delano Roosvelt ("There is nothing to fear but fear itself!").

Denial: The least effective but has been played by Janet Napolitano (denying that DHS is turning into a war machine).

Lying by Omission: Maintaining the appearance of accountability by telling only a little bit of the truth. We have seen this one played on attack on Benghazi.

Minimalization:  A type of denial combined with Rationalization. Martial Law in Boston was called "Shelter in Place."

How do you counter these? Always remember that the flak is always sited near the target. Stay on the offensive and stay on the subject, no matter what they throw up. Enlighten everyone you can to these methods by spreading this around. Defeating propaganda goes a long way toward shattering the facade of legitimacy (a true statesman would never resort to any of the above) and infallibility (an illegitimate regime is nothing without the support of its victims just as a wife beater has no one to abuse without a wife to fall for him).


  1. Great advice to continue the skirmishes we have ahead.

  2. Important information for the good guys to digest. The collectivists play dirty and have seized so much ground at this point that there will be no backing down from their side.

    1. I agree.

      Feel free to copy and post on your own blogs.

  3. Check out the book "Disinformation" which you can get on Amazon. Also "Lefty's Playbook". Some good stuff there.