Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The answer to unconstitutional laws: Defiance!

80 gun owners deliberately defied Erie, PA ordnance that bans firearms at city parks. Police issued citations, using the Neremberg Defense to justify their actions.

This is how laws such as any gun control law, the upcoming Amnesty law, Obamacare, and other unconstitutional laws need to be dealt with. In large enough numbers that there won't be enough police to arrest people.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 The press has been telling people that Snowden has defected to China, or will, or has passed on information to them. Observe on this forum how divided conservatives have become, even though not all the facts have presented themselves. This is how the enemy wins without a shot being fired.

What matters right now is that he exposed the government spying on its own people. Set your differences aside and concentrait on the fact that the government considers we the people to be more of an enemy than the Chinese, or Russians, or Iran, or North Korea or Al Queda (which the government is helping). Even if it turns out he was a foreign agent, then his actions still benefit us (even if working for China is wrong). He exposed something that has caused Obama to lose some of the press, and some (but not all) of his own voters. Our own government is a far greater threat than China is right now.

Main Core

During the Ronald Reagan years, the hottest conspiracy theory was REX-84, a list of people to detain and imprison at camps run by FEMA. This theory's popularity peaked again when Waco happened, then again under various other names during the late Bush and throughout the Obama terms. Well there happens to be a list of people considered a threat, for reasons as trivial as political views: it is called Main Core and was reported in 2008, but ignored by the media.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My first Rule 5 post

A group of Israeli girl soldiers got disciplined for these photos. I agree on the discipline: they need spanked :)

More at:Blurbrain & Live Leak
Update: The Musloids are already accusing Israeli of using Stripper Death Squads to corrupt the Palestinian boys. :)