Monday, December 30, 2013

All Aboard The Crazy Train

From The Blaze: Connecticut Gun Owners wait in line to do something that many gun owners hope they never have to

Seriously, Connecticut gun owners? You seriously think you have to do this? Just because a law is passed by congress does NOT mean it is the law of the land. It is ONLY the law of the land if it does not violate either the state or federal constitutions. Retroactive registration of firearms (bought before the law was enacted) is an ex-post-facto law, forbidden by the constitution.

The constitution was above all meant to bind the government, NOT the people!

The Nazis did not ban guns. They forced registration. Then guns were confiscated from the Jews specifically. "Aryan" Germans were allowed to keep their guns (The Nazi Weapons Control Act was copied word to form the Gun Control Act of 1968). After the guns were confiscated, the Jews themselves were rounded up.

The UN Peacekeepers registered and confiscated guns in Rawanda. The minority Hutus used a handful of ungregistered guns and machetes to ethnically cleanse the country.

The United States Government confiscated guns from gun owners in New Orleans.

Canada's gun registry was abolished because it did not stop criminals from obtaining guns through the black market or theft.