Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DHS-FEMA exercise portrays "Free Americans against Socialist Tyranny" as enemies

This exercise covers the imposition of martial law after and Earthquake but starting on page 125, discusses combating a group called Free Americans against Socialist Tyranny. As evidenced by the screenshot above, being against Socialism is now unpatriotic. Anyone who is libertarian and any government employee who places their oath before their career is an enemy of the state (PDF here).


  1. Since "socialism" and "tyranny" are redundant, only a low-information government employee could be counted on coming up with that name. But we don't have socialism here as much as we have fascism.

    Socialism is the public ownership of the means of production. Fascism is where business is still owned privately, but government "regulates" it to such an extent that it controls policies, products and prices. Take health care. Before Obamacare, we had over 1,100 privately owned insurance companies that underwrote health policies. During this transition phase to the Full Obama, we have only 30 underwriters, and in over 400 counties there now is only one underwriter who will sell an insurance policy. This is pure fascism. The goal of the authors of ObamaCare was indeed single payer. At that stage, where government issues the policy and pays the claims, that would be socialist.


  2. Obamacare operates similarly to a Soviet collective system. Those who have ability pay into the system, and the money is redistributed to those in need. Officially, the insurance companies would cover policies of those who cannot pay into the system, but everyone signing up is being redirected to Medicaid, which is a single-payer system.

    Corporate welfare does exist (the military industrial complex, the surveillance industrial complex, the prison system, bailouts), but it is not the only form of welfare in the country.

    The US is closer to China than Italy in the 1940s.