Friday, March 14, 2014

Officer Peterson admits he would follow any order, including orders to round up Jews

The money quote right here:
Just wanted to thank you for the very fair article on the Police officer in CT. While yes, the conversation got very heated, once he [Officer Joseph Peterson] was seen as a cop, he should have stepped WAY back. A lot of news articles are putting my quote in of me saying he would put Jews in Ghettos as the reason he went off. He actually went off well before that. I literally asked him if a law was passed to put Jews in the Ghettos, would you? He literally said "Now you are being silly...but if its the law, I enforce it; I don't make them."

Be very careful what you wish for, Peterson. In this country, the oppression of the Jews is not forgotten, and neither are the events that enabled it. Including and especially gun confiscation. Americans will not passively accept their fate. The very fact that so many gun owners are refusing to comply with your stupid and crazy law is proof of that.

As for the rest of the thin blue line. His own precinct did put him on paid leave (while anyone else who made a similar threat would have been arrested), while the silence from police nation wide is deafening.

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