Saturday, September 20, 2014

Even Sarah Palin couldn't imagine the depravity of Obamacare's designer

From Canada Free Press
Democrats seem to love death.  Whether they’re yammering about abortion or “end of life” planning, they just can’t get enough of talking up the myriad ways people can exit life’s stage.  They always claim this is simply a discussion about personal responsibility and individual choice but, since they despise those ideals in virtually every other matter, it’s a hard argument to buy.

Enter Ezekiel Emanuel. 
Emanuel was one of the chief architects of ObamaCare and is, of course, the brother of Rahm.  Over at The Atlantic, he’s penned an article about his own death and he’s made a shocking announcement about the perfect age at which he hopes to die. While he very specifically rules out euthanasia, Emanuel says he hopes his ticker shuts down at the not-particularly-old age of 75.
The reason? 75 is, apparently, the perfect age for a human to buy the farm. According to Emanuel, people who live longer than that risk struggling through a less-than-perfect existence.

He says he rules out euthanasia, but what happens when the government controlled medical system becomes overwhelmed? A pandemic virus, a debt default, hyperinflation, and even the sheer incapacity of a government medical system can and will result in this, either overtly or by denying care as the VA did. Collectivist regimes always end up having to sacrifice others for the needs of the many. Action T4, the progenitor to the Holocaust, was designed specifically to euthanize the elderly and others who were a drain on the country's treasury, then moved onto political enemies.

Only ducks resemble ducks. Only ducks quack. Only progressives believe in the deprivation of free will and consent, for the needs of the many.

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