Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stunning Investigative Video Proves Turkey Conspiring With ISIS on Syrian Border

I am well aware that this is outside the focus of this blog, but Turkey is a NATO member and receives our tax money, and training from our military, and "our" government is also legally obligated to aid Turkey in war. Yet as with the majority of Muslim "allied" states (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE), Turkey has given the US lip service and supporting the very terrorists that they publicly denounce.

ISIS does not care that the American left wants to appease them and they do not care that "our" government is giving them easy access to the country under color of law (through political correctness and keeping the border open); every American, left and right, are infidels that have to pay Jidziya or be shot. Of course that does not matter to Turkey, who wants to resurrect the Ottoman Empire, or especially the US government, who will be all too happy to use the threat of ISIS to justify the powers they need for their agenda.

From Conservative Treehouse

Last week a U.S. journalist, Serena Shim, was murdered in Turkey for exposing the truth of Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan allowing and facilitating ISIS militants going to and from Turkey into strategic positions around Kobane (Kobani).
Now an independent journalist team have used video to show Turkish police and military meeting with ISIS militants on the Turkish border.
Obviously the brutal reality of this expose’ is dangerous to Erdogan’s deceptive claims to the contrary.
As a consequence, and in an effort to hide the inherent reality while simultaneously deflecting attention from both events, the Erdogan administration is directing Western media to report on Iraqi Kurds (the Pesmerga) being permitted by Turkey to aid their sisters in Kobane:
Arbil (Iraq) (AFP) – Heavily armed Kurdish peshmerga fighters were on their way to joining militias defending the Syrian border town of Kobane from the Islamic State group after setting off from Iraq Tuesday.
Military trucks loaded with weapons were seen departing from the base northeast of the Iraqi Kurdish regional capital Arbil bound for the besieged town on the Turkish frontier. (link)
However, people should not be distracted from the reality that Sunni President Erdogan is working diligently to aid his Sunni ideological brethren in ISIS.
As Egypt’s Fatah el-Sisi continues to outline - the regional influence of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood – it becomes even more obvious that Turkey is facilitating ISIS extremists who are in direct alignment with the Brotherhood. Both Qatar and Turkey are financing and aiding ISIS / The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and beyond.
The regional concern has now extended toward Kuwait.

It has been a month since we first proposed the theory of why Erdogan was willing to watch Kobane fall to ISIS.  So far every action has solidified that hypothesis.

Remember, Turkey is a NATO member

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