Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Initiative 594 (gun registration) Passes by stunning 20% majority in Washington

Billionaires poured millions into I-594, while the NRA took its members money and ran away (Alan Gottlieb does not have your best interests at heart either). This perfect storm was made complete by  the statists who moved here from California over the years (yes I am aware not all Californians are commies), as well as the freshly indoctrinated drones of local colleges.

This initiative demonstrates why the founders were against democracy. When a majority violates the rights of the minority, it is nothing more than mob rule.

The enemy promotes a sugar coated version of this bill. What they want you to see is sales. What they do not tell you is that this law criminalizes transfers.

(25) "Transfer" means the intended delivery of a firearm to another person without consideration of payment or promise of payment including, but not limited to, gifts and loans.
(26) "Unlicensed person" means any person who is not a licensed dealer under this chapter.


  1. What part of "Shall Not Be Infringed" do they not understand?

    1. They do understand it. There are those who willingly admit that the bill of rights is "outdated" and an "impediment."

      The ends justify the means, from their view.