Monday, June 29, 2015

The Marriage Of Church and State

The recent ruling of the Supreme Court on gay marriage has divided America right down the middle, more than even the debate of gun rights. It is bad enough that the Nine Kings can decide what is best for Americans, but far more dangerous is the widespread idea that the state can define marriage.

The left claims to desire the separation of church and state, but will not ask why the state must define marriage as long as it gives their vaunted government an excuse to persecute Christians. With leftist philosophies biased toward the interest of the group by its very nature, objective thinking has no room when the ends justify the means.

Many on the right are angry that marriage is not defined by the state as being between a guy and a girl, and desire state protection of religious traditions. Not all of them, as the right is quite divided between interpretations of the role of the state (that is between various types of conservatives and libertarians), but enough that they would rather fight each other, even as progressives move toward their endgame.

Few have questioned why the state should even define marriage. Even fewer see that it is forbidden. The 1st Amendment not only protects the freedom to practice religion, it also forbids the state from establishing it as a national law or entity. As long as most people think the state has the right to define who can marry who, the endgame will be a future where religion and sex are as forbidden as firearms and wealth.

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