Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rule 5: Female Geniuses

Amy Mainzer
Astrophysicist specializing in the study of brown dwarfs, protoplanetary disks, star formation, planetary atmosphere and asteroids. She appears frequently on astronomy shows.

Hedy Lamarr
While best known for acting, was also an inventor. Her most famous invention was the development of frequency-hopping spread spectrum, which is used today for wireless communication. It was originally to create an unjammable data link for radio-controlled torpedoes.

Danica McKeller
Danica McKeller riginally acted on The Wonder Years and several made-for-TV movies before studying mathematics and writing math books.

Lise Meitner
Compared to Marie Curie, Lise is relatively unknown today. She was paraded by the mainstream media as the "Mother of the Atomic Bomb," for a brief time after World War 2 but despite that, she refused to join the Manhattan Project. While women were not allowed into high-education, she was privately tutored and become the first woman in Germany to become a full professor (at a time when Germany was becoming anti-semitic and misogynic). With her nephew Otto Hahn, Lise discovered nuclear fission. The Nobel Prize, controversially, went exclusively to Otto.


  1. Yep...Danica's a keeper. Smoking hot and can totally ace your tax returns.

    1. Yes she is. I'll have to do a post specifically about her.