Sunday, August 2, 2015

"Fast & Furious" Gun used in attempted attack on Pamela Geller

From New York Daily News

A gunman killed during his attack on an Islamic prophet Muhammad art show in Garland, Texas, reportedly bought a pistol through a botched federal firearm sting.
Nadir Soofi bought a 9-mm pistol at a Phoenix gun shop in 2010, one report said, that sold illegal firearms through ATF’s heavily criticized Operation Fast and Furious to track firearms back to Mexican drug cartels.
The Senate Homeland Security Committee wants to know if that same pistol was used five years later in an alleged Islamic State-sanctioned shootout targeting right-wing blogger Pamela Geller’s event, according to a memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times.
The letter is addressed to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch from Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson.

Supporters of gun "control" (it should really be called the confiscation agenda) tend to thin think the government will not let guns get into the hands of criminals. They need only look to Operation Fast and Furious to see that not only is that not true, but that the opposite can happen. It was designed to track the movement of weapons in drug cartels, an experiment that can only happen by arming them. Conveniently, it was used to blame those who support the 2nd Amendment. Operation Fast and Furious still endangering innocents five years after it happened.


  1. I'm shocked.....shocked I say, that a government program involving trafficking arms to known crumblier elements....didn't work as planned. It's all about control....and zero accountability. Mark my words, not a soul will hang over the firearm in question being used in the Geller event. But astro-turf groups such as Activist Mommies Demanding Attention....will continue their bleating...right on script.

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      And yes, I agree that no one will be punished and the astro-turfing will continue.

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