Monday, August 17, 2015

Heavy Metal Monday: Femetal!

Cover Art for the band Recon by Fire.

At the professional end of things, Heavy Metal is a male-dominated profession. Even female-fronted bands such as Nightwish and Evanescence are exactly that -- female fronted; the vocalist is a woman but the instruments are played by men. Audience wise, things are more equal. Heavy Metal and even rock bands that are composed entirely of women tend to be lesser known, largely as a result of music industry biases, but they are out there. A good resource is Metaladies.



Recon By Fire

Recon By Fire is a polish Thrash Metal band formed in 2014. So far they have a two track demo, which is available at Youtube (videos below).

Official Facebook




Hysterica was formed in 2006 in Sweden. Performing with nicknames like Ani DeVil, Bitchy, Hell'in and Satanica, and songs like Pain in the Ass! these girls are all about fun and do not take themselves seriously.

Official Site



Mystica Girls

Mystica Girls was formerly a cover band. They sing mostly about fantasy (true to their name).

Official Site




Rockbitch was a British progressive/gothic metal band whose members performed pagan rituals and sex acts on stage, and with lucky members of the audience (those who caught a golden condom thrown into the audience). The Youtube videos below are some of their mildest acts but still contain nudity. The band had a short life, beginning in 1998 but quitting in 2002 as a result of government bans and censorship.

The Dark Goddess: Rockbitch (NSFW) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



  1. Recon by Fire reminds me of a female Dokkun.

    1. a child of the early 80's....that should obviously be Dokken.

    2. They sound a bit like them in parts, but I find most of their influence comes from early Slayer.