Wednesday, October 21, 2015

(Female) Law Professor on Campus Carry: Women Can’t Use Guns Effectively

During October 20 testimony on the campus carry legislation currently under consideration by Florida lawmakers, Miami University law professor Mary Anne Franks contended that allowing women to be armed for self-defense will not accomplish much because they cannot use guns effectively.

According to the Herald-Tribune, Franks argued that guns are “highly effective” when they are being used for crimes, “but are rarely effective in preventing them.” And she suggested the idea that women will be able to stop a sexual assault with a gun is simply not realistic.
She claimed that armed women will not be successful because most victims of such assault know their attackers. She said the only way arming a woman will help is if the woman plans on “going out on a date with her hand on a gun.” The Tallahassee Democrat quoted Franks saying, “Studies done by many, many professional[s] have shown that it is really, really unlikely for anyone to use a gun effectively in self defense, especially in cases of sexual assault.”
It is interesting to note that Franks’ suggestion that arming women would not be effective against sexual assault goes against what armed women have been able to do while under attack by a sexual predator.

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On the surface it is stupid enough. Women are one of the fastest growing demogrphics in gun sales and support for the right to own guns. 

Below the surface, this is a demonstration of the hypocrisy of political feminism. Here is a woman near the top of the ivory tower telling women to be damsels.

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