Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kepler Telescope discovers possible Dyson Swarm/Sphere

The search for an alien MEGASTRUCTURE: Radio telescope starts analysing 'bizarre' star that could be surrounded by a Dyson sphere built by extraterrestrials

  • KIC 8462852 is located 1480 light-years away from Earth
  • Has produced a series of bizarre light fluctuations team cannot explain
  • One theory is that a vast megastructure is obscuring the light from it  
Researchers have begun an in depth study of a 'bizarre' star they say could be surrounded by a huge alien megastructure known as a Dyson sphere.
KIC 8462852, located 1,480 light-years away, was monitored by the Kepler Space Telescope for more than four years, beginning in 2009.
Now researchers have secured time to point the Allen Telescope Array at the star.