Saturday, November 7, 2015

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Lise Meitner!

Today, November 7th, is Lise Meitner's birthday. In actuality, Lise's real birthday is uncertain: Vienna's official birth register says November 7th while the Jewish community records say November 17th and at least one source mentions the 28th. Lise used the 7th, so that is the day that will be used here. This lack of attention to detail, called Schlamperei (Sloppiness), was almost a cultural tradition in Austria in that period, and was in stark contrast to neighboring Germany with its meticulous record keeping. As a mini-bio has already been written, I will conclude this post with rare photos of Lise.

 Candid, 1911

 Wading with Elisbeth Schiemann (left) and Emma (or Greta) Planck (right), 1913


With Elisabeth Schiemann (left) in 1911

 With Ewin Shrödinger, 1921

With Otto Hahn in laboratory, 1914.

With Otto Hahn outside of laboratory (Kaiser Wilhelm Institute), 1914

Portrait from 1916.

13 years old. No idea why she was bald.

Copenhagen, 1937 with several other world famous physicists.

The only known color photo of Lise. 1946, upon arrival in the USA.

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