Saturday, November 21, 2015

College Safe Space: No Adults Allowed (literally!)

From Breitbart

On Friday, students occupying the administration building at Occidental College ejected Breitbart News’ Adelle Nazarian from their “safe space,” saying they felt “threatened” by her presence and referring to her as “an adult in a student-occupied space.”

“We’re requesting that you respect the fact that this is a community-owned space by students,” one of the male students said. He said there was “an issue of safety” as a result of Nazarian’s “adult presence,” which supposedly posed a direct threat to the occupying students’ well-being.
Nazarian recorded the incident. The audio is below (language warning).
The episode recalls the classic quote by New Left activist Jack Weinberg, veteran of the UC Berkeley Free Speech Movement of 1964, who told the San Francisco Chronicle: “We have a saying in the movement that we don’t trust anybody over 30.”

Supposed adults, who don't consider themselves adults, feel threatened by the presence of adults. Um, yeah. Even Mel Brooks would not have imagined this, were he writing a parody of the country.

These graduates will be in for a nasty surprise when they try to get a job. Then again, Bernie Sanders is popular with the young and these pansies will vote for someone who promises to steal money from others to fund their laziness.


  1. Hi Dude,
    All these "sno-flakes" going nutzo demanding and demanding ...geeeeez!! I'm an "OLD" Skydiver and I've been around the sport for "A While." Go to any Dropzone where jumpers get together to "Fun Skydive" it's kinda' like "Sand Lot Baseball" when we were kids. "Only," when it comes to Organizing a Skydive, the "Load Organizer" (HNIC) would look very unkindly on any of these "Sno-Flakes" Demanding to be accepted on the jump!! Why, well he or she really doesn't give a sh!# about their "demands!!" The Load Organizer "Does Not Care" What sex or permutation you are, what "Color" your are, or anything like that.....Bottom Line Is Boyz and Girlz....."CAN YOU SKYDIVE???.. and safely with this group being organized??" Sno-Flakes like these would only end up as a "Crater,"..... and after the Parish Coroner carts off the carcass that's when the Crater lurks happen.
    "Sno-Flakes" .........Craters just looking for a place to happen.
    Blue Skyz.......Black DEATH!!!!,

    1. Every college applicant should have to skydive before entering college :)