Thursday, November 5, 2015

#Distractingly Sexy

Nobel Prize winner and professor, Tim Hunt, was criticized when he had this to say about women in the laboratory:

"Three things happen when they are in the lab," he said, "you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry."
With the encouragement of feminist magazine Vagenda, thousands of lab ladies posted deliberately unflattering photos of themselves with the hashtag #distractinglysexy. Feminists, being feminists, seek to minimize feminine beauty. Here are ten science babes who are sexy.

Danica McKeller, mathmetician.Who needs Common Crap Core with her?

Lise Meitner, physicist, one of the discoverers of atomic fission. Often dressed modestly yet beautifully, with a warm heart to match. Developed Ayn Rand like objectivity after WWI. Overshadowed by Marie Curie.

Amy Mainzer, astronomer. She appeared on The Universe and How The Universe Works. T-eff: off the scale.

Rosalind Franklin, crystallographer. Rosalind discovered the helical structure of DNA, though the Nobel Prize went to someone who plagiarized her work. She had good genes, definitely worth uhh... procreating with.

Debbie Berebichez, physicist. Appears frequently on the Science Channel. The best Mexican immigrant.

 Chien Shiung Wu, physicist. Chien was one of the developers of the uranium enrichment process for the Manhattan Project. Her love lasted a long time in Hiroshima.

Cynthia Brazeal, robotics. Needs to develop an army of fembots that look just like her.

Florence Bascom, geologist, first ever woman to be hired by the USGS. Would have been fun to study rocks with.

Lisa Randall, theoretical physicist specializing in string theory. Über MILF.

Summer Williams, rocket scientist, cheerleader. Top-heavy.


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