Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Heavy Metal, Viking Memorabilia Considered "Racist"

(At least it's an excuse to post Legartha again!)
From Infowars 
If you thought you could get through a whole day without joyless social justice warriors declaring another set of random things to be racist, then think again.
According to a new study from Leeds Beckett University, Thor, heavy metal music and dressing up as a Viking are all racist because they reinforce oppression towards “ethnic minorities”.

Despite the fact that progressives have spent the last month lecturing everyone about how dressing up in “ethnic” costumes for Halloween represents a hateful act of cultural appropriation, we now learn that dressing up as a stereotypically white cultural figure is also racially insensitive.

According to Professor Karl Spracklen, “Folk metal’s obsession with warriors and cultural purity, displayed through tales of Vikings and dressing up as Vikings on stage, reduces belonging and identity in a muti-cultural, cosmopolitan society to a few exclusive myths. It is showing white men how to be white men and showing women and ethnic minorities their place in European society.”

Basically, everything that depicts a white man is "racist." Obvious, I know, but where are the voices calling out hatred of whites as racist by itself? I don't listen to Folk Metal, but in the interests of being politically incorrect, here is some Viking themed metal songs!


  1. Aside from posting a photo of #1 on my 'Five Freebie' list [Katheryn Winnick].....I have the honor of being descended from several lines in Northumbria and the Highlands, who were pillaged and put to the sword by the Danes/Norsemen. I have nothing but a healthy respect for that storied and ancient culture.....and my young daughters are equally enamored with it.

    This is nothing more than a stale attempt to denigrate an overwhelmingly caucasian history....while ignoring the same brutal savagery that occurred on the African continent.

    Pardon my Norse, but the breiddjames can dra tis helmet.

    1. Sorry spell check hosed me......last line should read: Pardon my Norse, but the breiddjames can dra tis helvete.

    2. Yes, they can go to hell :) I am not actually very good at Norwegian though.