Tuesday, November 10, 2015

University of Missouri Police Ask Students to Report ‘Hurtful Speech’

From Mediaite

The Missouri University Police Department (MUPD) sent an email to students Tuesday morning urging them to call them and report any hurtful speech they encounter on the campus.

In an email that was flagged by several Missouri-based journalists, the MUPD asked “individuals who witness incidents of hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions” to call the department’s general phone line “to continue to ensure that the University of Missouri campus remains safe.” They suggest that students provide a detailed description of the offender, their location or license plate number, and even to take a picture if possible.

In the email, MUPD readily admits that hurtful or hateful speech is not against the law. But, they write, “if the individuals identified are students, MU’s Office of Student Conduct can take disciplinary action.”
The mob is its own worst enemy here, though if they want to flood the staff with calls, they can do exactly that. The police are not omnipotent or omniscient, and will have to drop it to focus on more important things.

Another thing. These same sissies hate the police, yet demand that the police be the only ones armed, and enforce their agenda. Doublethink is amusing.

If you choose to contact the university, remind them at Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law is a Felony (18 USC 242).

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