Saturday, December 12, 2015

Donald Trump and the Executive Pandora's Box

From The Hill

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Thursday vowed to issue an executive order to mandate the death penalty for anyone who kills a police officer. 
“One of the first things I’d do in terms of executive order, if I win, will be to sign a strong, strong statement that would go out to the country, out to the world, anybody killing a police man, a police woman, a police officer, anybody killing a police officer, the death penalty is going to happen,” he said.
“We can’t let this go,” he added, speaking to a New Hampshire crowd alongside the New England Police Benevolent Association, shortly after the group voted to endorse Trump.
The outspoken businessman referenced the 2014 shooting of two New York City police officers in their squad car, which prompted significant outcry from some conservatives accusing President Obama of fostering resentment against police officers.

I get that Donald Trump does not seem like a typical Establishment Republican, but he has a bad habit of saying what people want to hear but not offering much beyond that.

Legally, executive orders can only apply to direct executive agencies on implementing congressionally approved legislation. Murder of anyone is already illegal, with premeditation often carrying capital punishment as a penalty, but this is ultimately a state issue. The executive pandora's box was open long before Hussein, however just because the people's favorite leader uses it (or promises to) does not make it right.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015