Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I was originally not going to touch this subject, but it is impossible to ignore what two other bloggers have found. Cowager Nation has found tweets from Amanda Carpenter, one of his alleged mistresses, that are quite flirtatious toward Ted, while AlanaBowker has enhanced one of the relevant photos to reveal what appear to be condoms.

This is not considering the fact that Ted is bereft of his jacket, while Amanda appears to be wearing it (maybe, maybe not); that and the tattoos seem awfully intimate for standard campaign operations.

Does this prove that anyone is cheating on anyone? No, but it is quite suspicious. It is also interesting that neither Ted or his alleged mistresses have demanded that National Enquirer to retract the original story that led to this, as they would be well within their rights to do so.

Apparently this story was leaked by former Marco Rubio operatives, which indicates that Marco Rubio expected the primary to boil down to a two man race between him and Ted. Why would anyone from Marco's campaign leak it now? This will only help Donald Trump, a man that Marco was also heavily opposed to. Maybe there is a feud between Marco and Ted that is even worse than the current one between Donald and Ted? Maybe Marco sees Donald as a "lesser evil?"

If it is true, is it so surprising that a politician, especially an overly preachy one, to be a hypocrite?

If false, then it's false: Teddybear has no chance outside of a contested convention and even then his chances are still slim.

UPDATE: The Ted Cruz campaign has abruptly canceled Heidi Cruz's appearances (thanks to The Last Tradition for finding this).


  1. I'll have to check out cowager. I have never seen it before although one if the guys dies intellectual frog legs. Who is Amanda bowker? I saw her Twitter feed and she send to be anti trump? She pointed out the condoms against cruz(possibly).

    1. I have not heard of these two before, until today when browsing the Breitbart discussions. Amanda Bowker appears to not like either Ted or Donald. Cowager, not sure.

    2. Ok. I also find a lot of good crumbs in the comment sections. :-)