Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Gungrabbers Hate the Poor


From Americans for Tax Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A $1,000 per gun tax should serve as a “role model” for states, according to the governor of the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands, which imposed the $1,000 gun tax earlier this month. An idea first endorsed by Hillary Clinton in 1993, steep gun taxes have now taken hold in Cook County, Ill. the city of Seattle, and now a U.S. territory.
As reported by the Saipan Tribune:
The administration of Gov. Ralph DLG Torres defended the CNMI’s new gun control laws on Friday as a law that could be “a role model” for other U.S. states and jurisdictions facing seemingly uncontrolled and continued gun violence.
The administration was responding to queries regarding its position on recent reports that the a legal challenge to the new law, Public law 19-42, was likely, particularly over a provision that assesses a $1,000 excise tax on pistols.
The threat of such a tax serving as a role model for other politicians to impose is not an idle one. Consider the following:
Seattle Gun and Ammunition Tax: On Jan. 1, 2016, Seattle’s $25 per gun tax took effect, as did a two cent to five cent tax per round of ammunition. The new taxes have already forced at least one major gun dealer to leave the city.
Cook County, Ill. Gun and Ammunition Tax: On June 1, 2016, Cook County’s new ammunition tax takes effect, at a rate of one cent to five cents per round of ammunition. The ammo tax comes on top of the existing gun tax regime of $25 per gun.
Hillary Clinton’s 25% Gun Tax Endorsement: In passionate testimony to the Senate Finance Committee in 1993, Hillary Clinton gave her strong personal endorsement to a new national 25% sales tax on guns and endorsed a steep increase in the gun dealer fee, to $2,500. "I am speaking personally, but I feel very strongly about that,” said Clinton at the conclusion of her endorsement.
Neither Hillary or the rest of the regressives can claim to represent the poor, while pricing firearms out of their reach.

Meanwhile, booming sales of firearms have been creating jobs.

Of course, if Marianas-like tax became law nationally, there would still be job growth related to firearms... in the black market.


  1. Yep; I've been arguing that for a couple of years now. What they couldn't do through legislation...they try through litigation....and as that is uniformly failing, they're turning to taxation.........to exercise a Constitutional right. They're not stupid, but they think their supporters are.

    1. May the Grabbers keep thinking everyone is stupid, as it will be their downfall.