Friday, April 8, 2016

New Jersey man faces jail over Trump flag

From NBC New York via Gateway Pundit

A New Jersey man who’s been flying Donald Trump’s campaign flag in front of his home since February could face up to a $2,000 fine or jail time when he faces a judge in the case.
Joe Hornick has been flying Trump’s “Make America Great Again” flag outside his West Long Branch home on a busy corner near the Monmouth University campus for months.
But he got a ticket recently citing him for illegally posting political signage more than 30 days before an election. The New Jersey presidential primary isn’t until June 7.
“I’m not a football fan, I’m not a sports fan, but I’m surely a Donald Trump fan,” he told NBC 4 New York.

I looked up laws pertaining to political just to see if any local entity had the "right" to regulate political signs, and found this bit of text.

New Jersey. The state Legislature passed legislation in
2003 protecting homeowners’ and tenants’ rights to display U.S. flags,
yellow ribbons, and signs supporting U.S. troops. Sec. 45:22A-48.1 of
the New Jersey Statutes says a homeowners’ association may not adopt or
enforce rules prohibiting the display of the U.S. flag, yellow ribbons,
or signs unless the display “threatens public safety, restricts
necessary maintenance activities, interferes with the property rights of
another, or is conducted in a manner inconsistent with the rules and
customs deemed the property manner to display the flag.”

Regardless of how one may feel about Trump or the election, this is supposed to be a free country with a 1st Amendment. In New Jersey at least, it seems to have fallen by the wayside.

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