Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rule 5: Joanna Pacula

Joanna Pacula is an actress from  Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland. After acting in theater for a year, Joanna made a move to film. After being stranded in Paris due to martial law in Poland, Joanna emigrated to the USA and got her first major US role in the 1983 movie Gorky Park, which she is still best known for.

She is also well known for the swinging/S&M movie Husbands and Lovers and the made for TV movie Escape from Sobibor where she played Gertrude "Luka" Poppert Schonborn, one of the Jews who escaped that extermination camp.

She is also made an appearance in the TV show Monk, in the episode Mr. Monk Falls in Love as Adrian Monk's prime suspect/love interest.

Joanna has also appeared in the music video of Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer.

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