Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ted Cruz: Flip Flopper on the 2nd Amendment?

Donald Trump gets a lot of accusations of being a flipflopper. Certainly it is true that he supported an "assault" weapons ban in 1999 and has never explained his conversion, nor is there any solid evidence that his views have genuinely changed to favor the 2nd. However, I do not believe any politician (other than Ron Paul or possibly Rand Paul) is ever going to "support" the 2nd Amendment without some type of infringement. I simply want to point out that Ted Cruz is quite possibly no exception to the popular rule of "you can own guns - with certain conditions," since the current narrative is that he is the "true conservative."

In a video from Fox, Ellen Ratner has pointed out Ted's self-contradictory statements of the 2nd Amendment's role as a check against tyranny, and more importantly, the media's ignorance of this.

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