Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ted Cruz: The Plot Thickens

Ted Cruz has been quite shady over the past few weeks. When asked about the allegations of his affairs, Carly Fiorina - who he has had given 500,000 dollars to - stepped in an answered for him. Carly is not so much as denying for him as in engaging in standard gaslighting and deflection strategies.

A former official for Ted's campaign says Amanda Carpenter came up with the plan to rob Ben Carson of his delegates.

Bill Still reports on a Ted Cruz insider, a professional, long-time political operative, who found the dirty tricks of the Cruz campaign and what he described as a “Jonestown” cultish system as being just too much. He’s blowing the whistle on the dirtiest campaign he’s ever had the misfortune to be associated with. After 24 years in the business, the Cruz campaign is the first that was so dirty he had to quit, washing his hands, so to speak, of its filth.
The veracity of the whistleblower was verified by a copy of his offer of employment from the Cruz campaign as well as a copy of a pay stub.
Most damaging to the image of “Mr. Religion,” Ted Cruz, the insider reveals that the plot to rob Ben Carson of his delegates was actually hatched two weeks prior to the Iowa caucus, by Amanda Carpenter, reportedly one of his romantic liaisons and a reporter at CNN.

A few days ago, what may have been Ted Cruz's phone number showed up one of DC Madam's call records. These are from over a decade ago, but if this information is accurate, it certainly shows that he is not as socially conservative as he would like to claim. There are more records still to come with the possible lifting of the gag order on the rest of the call records (bring your eye cleaner: Rachel Mancow in the video at the link).

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