Sunday, April 10, 2016

The GOP Steals Colorado

#TedsCruzSexScandal may have tapered off, but ultimately it will not matter, for the GOP has openly handed Teddy sCruz a "victory" in Colorado, without even a single vote being cast.

The media of both the left and the socially conservative right have been spinning this "electioneering," creating a narrative that delegates are representatives of the party and not the people. It appears that the rules have been changed, but even this has been rationalized, because it is quite evident that the party is moving the goal posts to suit its agenda.

However, evidence is surfacing that Trump's delegates have been removed, while sCruz delegates have been listed twice.

Why would the GOP do this? Why would they not swallow their pride and embrace the candidate that is favored, both by the popular vote and the delegates? The only possible explanation is that the GOP is dropping the facade that they are a genuine opposition party.

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  1. I don't know, I've read that the Tump campaign itself handed out erroneous information - that, along with the rules being what they are, and known to all prior to the primary, makes me unsympathetic to Trump.

    But full disclosure, Trump disgusts me just as much as Hillary does.