Friday, April 29, 2016

The "Smart" Gun Push

Fox News

The Obama administration is locked and loaded for a fresh push on gun control initiatives – reportedly moving to advocate for so-called "smart gun" technology as early as Friday, despite concerns from the gun lobby.
Politico reports President Obama is set to release findings on the technology from a multi-agency review, and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett was previewing the material to a select set of groups on Thursday. 
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed to reporters that the administration would be making an announcement on Friday, without going into detail. 
“We'll have more that we can talk about tomorrow," he said. "… Under discussion was exploring what kind of technology could be effectively used to make guns safer. So this is something that that a variety of federal agencies have reviewed and they'll have some findings to share.”
“Smart-gun” technology overhauls guns so they can only be fired by authorized users. The multi-agency review was ordered as part of Obama’s Jan. 4 executive action on guns.

Beyond all the fluff about guns being "smarter" and "safer," this would turn a mechanically simple device into a rube goldberg machine. Computerized guns will at some point in the future have a disable feature built into them, which is probably the real goal behind this.

However, this push will fail because criminals will just use "dumb" guns to commit their crimes, and law abiding citizens will defend themselves with "dumb" guns for reasons of reliability.

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