Thursday, May 5, 2016

Amid Venezuelan Food Shortage, Soldiers Stealing Goats

Socialism always runs out of other people's money, no matter how often it is tried and when. In Venezuela, there have been shortages of electricity, gasoline (despite sitting on the world's largest proven oil reserves), toilet paper and now food. The food shortages have driven some soldiers to steal goats. Soldiers have been employed to guard grocery stores, and if they are resorting to banditry, then it is possible that the country could end up like North Korea, as a communist military junta with a figurehead to "legitimize" it all.

Bernie Sanders has risen to prominence on promises to openly enact socialism. At least one Cuban filmmaker is warning that the USA is already changing into a communist country.

From Fox News

Six Venezuelan army officers were arrested Sunday after allegedly stealing goats from a nearby farm because they were hungry, the PanAm Post reports.
The soldiers were arrested in the central region of Lara after investigators spotted an unmarked van carrying dead animals. The army officers told local law enforcement they had no choice but to steal, kill and eat the animals because their army base, Fort Manaure, had almost run out of food.

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