Saturday, June 11, 2016

David Petrarus & Mark Kelly Launch Gun Control Group

From CNN
Washington (CNN)Retired U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, who has long resisted calls to run for political office, is teaming up with retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly to create a new group urging greater gun control.
The two announced on Friday that they were launching Veterans Coalition for Common Sense to encourage elected leaders to "do more to prevent gun tragedies." The group will feature veterans from every branch of the military who are urging lawmakers to toughen gun laws, the organization said in a news release. 
"As service members, each of us swore an oath to protect our Constitution and the homeland. Now we're asking our leaders to do more to protect our rights and save lives," said Kelly, the husband of former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and co-founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions, a group that advocates for tougher gun laws.

Another disarmament group would be unremarkable if not for the notoriety of the two men behind this one. The first is David Petraeus, also called "Betray-Us" by the progressives when he worked for the Bush Administration. As Obama's defense secretary, he leaked classified information through an extramarital affair he had with his biographer, and was punished only leniently. He is unfit to command a lemonade stand, much less dictate whether people can or cannot defend themselves.

Mark Kelly was denied the purchase of an AR-15 in an attempt to use the purchase for propaganda. He also committed a felony at a gun show in New York City.

A TTAG reader writes: “Mark ‘I wasn’t really buying that AR-15‘ Kelly is committing a felony right in front of New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. It’s against New York State (NYS) law for someone to be in possession (i.e. holding) a handgun without a valid NYS Pistol license. Mark Kelly can’t have a NYS pistol license because he’s not a legal resident of New York.” An Empire State firearms attorney told TTAG that there’s an exception for firearms training but, as far as he can tell, not gun shows. Unless we hear otherwise, under Article 265 of New York State penal law, Mr. Kelly’s committing a Class E felony. But wait! There’s more! Well, there would have been if Kelly hadn’t been pressed for time. “Kelly bought a book on Colt revolvers,” reports, “and said later he probably would have bought a gun if he had had more time.”


  1. Well that betrayal should (but not necessarily) derail any chance for him being Trump's running mate! OTOH, that should make him even MORE attractive to cankles..................
    BTW, I am one of the multitude of veterans who will NOT jump on that bandwagon.

    OTB MCPO sends

    1. If Hillary chooses him as her running mate, it will further sink her. The progressives believe in guilt by association and he will be forever associated with the Bush administration (which was actually far from conservative, but still). I kind of hope she is stupid enough to choose him.

      The government has been treating veterans like enemies ( I know most of them will side with the people. Thanks though.