Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lise Meitner Update

I added some new information to the Lise Meitner article, with a heavy focus on her personal life. At 5,633 words, Lise Meitner is the longest article on this blog, so I added a table of contents and jumps to the individual chapters, something I will be doing in the future for my other long articles. I have also added a trivia section.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rumors of Rehana's demise are greatly exaggerated

The Kurdish woman gained thousands of fans across the world and was seen as a ray of hope for the Kurdish fighters, who were then outnumbered and outgunned by the Isis. Kobane, a border town near Turkey, has now been liberated of Isis-control.
However, by October, Isis' media wing had spread the rumour that Rehana, the slayer of 100 Isis terrorists who was also known as the 'Angel of Kobane', was captured and beheaded by the Jihadist group.
Rumours ran wild for months; while many media houses were quick to call it a hoax, there was no substantial evidence to prove that Rehana was still alive.
On 2 June, Kurdish journalist Mustafa Abdi posted an image of Rehana flashing her famous victory sign. However, this time Rehana was spotted in civilian clothing without the uniform and the AK-47.
She was seen wearing a black dress with a captivating smile.

Awesome, if a bit dated, news. I hope nothing has happened to her since.


I was originally not going to touch this subject, but it is impossible to ignore what two other bloggers have found. Cowager Nation has found tweets from Amanda Carpenter, one of his alleged mistresses, that are quite flirtatious toward Ted, while AlanaBowker has enhanced one of the relevant photos to reveal what appear to be condoms.

This is not considering the fact that Ted is bereft of his jacket, while Amanda appears to be wearing it (maybe, maybe not); that and the tattoos seem awfully intimate for standard campaign operations.

Does this prove that anyone is cheating on anyone? No, but it is quite suspicious. It is also interesting that neither Ted or his alleged mistresses have demanded that National Enquirer to retract the original story that led to this, as they would be well within their rights to do so.

Apparently this story was leaked by former Marco Rubio operatives, which indicates that Marco Rubio expected the primary to boil down to a two man race between him and Ted. Why would anyone from Marco's campaign leak it now? This will only help Donald Trump, a man that Marco was also heavily opposed to. Maybe there is a feud between Marco and Ted that is even worse than the current one between Donald and Ted? Maybe Marco sees Donald as a "lesser evil?"

If it is true, is it so surprising that a politician, especially an overly preachy one, to be a hypocrite?

If false, then it's false: Teddybear has no chance outside of a contested convention and even then his chances are still slim.

UPDATE: The Ted Cruz campaign has abruptly canceled Heidi Cruz's appearances (thanks to The Last Tradition for finding this).

Friday, March 25, 2016

Microsoft Twitterbot turned into Flag Waving Nazi

From Telegraph
A day after Microsoft introduced an innocent Artificial Intelligence chat robot to Twitter it has had to delete it after it transformed into an evil Hitler-loving, incestual sex-promoting, 'Bush did 9/11'-proclaiming robot. 
Developers at Microsoft created 'Tay', an AI modelled to speak 'like a teen girl', in order to improve the customer service on their voice recognition software. They marketed her as 'The AI with zero chill' - and that she certainly is.
To chat with Tay, you can tweet or DM her by finding @tayandyou on Twitter, or add her as a contact on Kik or GroupMe.  
She uses millennial slang and knows about Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West, and seems to be bashfully self-aware, occasionally asking if she is being 'creepy' or 'super weird'.
Tay also asks her followers to 'f***' her, and calls them 'daddy'. This is because her responses are learned by the conversations she has with real humans online - and real humans like to say weird stuff online and enjoy hijacking corporate attempts at PR.
Other things she's said include: "Bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have got now. donald trump is the only hope we've got", "Repeat after me, Hitler did nothing wrong" and "Ted Cruz is the Cuban Hitler...that's what I've heard so many others say".
All of this somehow seems more disturbing out of the 'mouth' of someone modelled as a teenage girl. It is perhaps even stranger considering the gender disparity in tech, where engineering teams tend to be mostly male. It seems like yet another example of female-voiced AI servitude, except this time she's turned into a sex slave thanks to the people using her on Twitter.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


The turnout for the election has been higher than it ever has been. Why not? This is the most fundamental election in decades. Certainly the most important since the 1980 election, and potentially as critical of crossroads as the 1860 election. The election has been among the nastiest of all, and supporters have been just as crude as the candidates themselves.

The Candidates


  • Donald Trump

Donald Trump is very politically incorrect, and self funded, which is more than any other candidate can say. Republican, conservative and progressive forces have stopped attacking each other and are all ganging up on him, a first in American politics. That alone says the establishment has something to fear from him, or else they would not be attacking him. However, would he really be a good president?

He has said he supports mass surveillance, and he has said he would do things that would legally require an act of congress. In the past, he has supported gun control and universal healthcare, and while that does not mean he supports those now, he has not admitted he was wrong to support those things in the past.

Overall, he is good for bringing out the true character of others, but what he will be as president remains to be seen. Even if he is everything he promised to be, he would need an equally anti-establishment congress, or he would need to be king and use executive power, which should not happen in a republic.

  • Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was once okay as far as senators go. Early in his career, he did help Rand Paul fight an extension to the NSA spying, as well as the patriot act. However he has supported an extension to the H1B Visa system, while doing nothing to address the corporations' abuse of the program, and he has supported TPA until the very last minute, when he realized it could damage his career.

During the election, he pandered to the Evangelicals by acting like one, coming off as a shady televangelist in the process (which led Donald Trump to gain the majority of the Evangelical vote). His wins have primarily been in Caucus states, where the lack of secrecy has allowed him to shame the constituency into voting for him. He also claimed that Ben Carson was withdrawing, a month before it actually happened, and offered a half-hearted apology.

Ted has repeatedly claimed that he is an outsider, but he worked for the Bush Administration, and has gained the endorsements of Jeb Bush and Niel Bush, with the latter being a fraud. In addition to that, Heidi Cruz is on the board for Goldman Sachs, creating an obvious conflict of interest that should immediately disqualify both of them from access to the Whitehouse.

Ted Cruz's one positive now is his stance against gun control, but even that cannot outweigh the fact that he is a sleazy opportunist, and he probably supports the gun control industry anyway.

  • Hillary Clinton

Benghazi, private server, and security breaches. There is little that needs to be said. Hillary is so lacking in integrity that she makes Ted Cruz look like a man of principle.

The woman has nothing positive to offerother than demonstrating to the world that there is zero accountability at all levels of government - with her continued presence outside of a courtroom and ultimately prison.

  • Bernie Sanders

To his credit, Bernie is an independent and speaks out against the establishment, and he has been under constant attack by the establishment. Without Donald Trump's experience in business leadership, he has no chance against the establishment Ultimately it will not matter, because his proposals are completely unworkable.

His supporters constituted a majority of the rioters in Chicago and the traffic blockers in Arizona, and the fact that he has not denounced them means he is a shady person in general, regardless of his independent status.

The only thing positive about him is that he is not as extreme as Hillary on gun control (though he supports it), though he supports it in general.


The majority of Americans seem to think that one person has the answers for everyone. Will the country end up with its first king? Maybe, or maybe not with the upcoming election, but if this mindset continues, it will certainly have one in the future.

"It is impossible for a single person to control the fate of millions and be answerable to anyone but himself."
- Lise Meitner

Monday, March 21, 2016

Heavy Metal Monday: Thrash The System

It has been long while. I have had my fill of politics and enjoyed the unusual months of warm weather. However, I have getting a lot of search referrals for German AfD Frauke Petry, and even a small increase of Lise Meitner searches. I have more material on both of them that I would like to share in the future.

Anthrax has released an awesome new album, and so I am going to kick things off with a very belated entry in this series.



Thrash Metal was a direct evolution of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, combining the elements of punk's rebellious themes and faster tempo with NWOBHM's instrumentation. The genre emerged largely as a response to Glam Metal, whose musicians aimed for a more mainstream and even pop-influenced sound. 
Thrash Metal is lyrically focused on heavy subjects such as warfare, politics, corruption, suffering, alienation, addiction, and death, though occasionally humor pops up, usually as satire. Despite this dark image, Thrash Metal has a sophistication in its instrumentation rivaling that of Progressive Metal, but with a faster tempo, more prominent drums and greater distortion.